Self Supported Ethos

For those unfamiliar with the self supported nature of these races, here it is in a nutshell:

You are responsible for you. 

Nobody will be there to bail you out or help you along if you run into trouble. As such, it's best to get into this thing prepared. Here are a few things to be concerned about.

This is a big one. There is no potable water source along the course outside of Kenton. Know how much water you'll need given the conditions and come prepared. There is however, plenty of water along the course that can be drinkable if purified. A couple of purification tablets in your seat bag will go a long way in keeping an unfortunate situation from becoming a really unfortunate one.

Again, you only get what you carry with you. Riding 60+ miles needs a lot of calories. As of this writing, the convenience store in Kenton is still closed- so options along the course are pretty much limited to what's available at the two bars in Kenton.  If you really need a gluten free, organic, vegetarian burrito- make sure you bring it with you. If you can motor on down the course on some chips and a beer, feel free to wing it.

I will issue cue cards in the standard gravel road racing tulip style format (more on that later). However, there is a whole lot of nothing surrounding this course. You can ride for many miles before you see a road sign or any other kind of navigational aid. I'd recommend having a backup plan in case your odo dies or you lose your cue cards or something. I'll be publishing a GPX file shortly before the race suitable for use on GPS devices.  However, you can't beat a good map and compass. Excellent maps are available here. Whatever you decide on, just make sure you know how to use it.

The move to May increases our chances of interesting weather.  Snow is pretty unlikely, but don't be surprised if it's a rainy, barely above freezing day.  Best bet is just to bring all the gear you have, hope for the best, and plan for the worst.

The good news is, if the weather is bad, you won't have to worry about them!  Still, in the event if a balmy seventy degree day, you may want to pack some bug dope.

So you or the bike or both completely blow up and you're unable to finish this under your own power. What do you do? The best solution is to ride with a buddy- either planned or somebody you just ride with on the day of the race. They can go on and organize a rescue mission.  Other options include cell phones- there is an AT&T tower in Kenton, so those phones might work, but I wouldn't place any bets on it. Worse comes to worse, wait. While traffic is exceedingly light on these roads, somebody will happen by eventually. Be nice, work on that smile, it might be your only ride for a while.