Route Information

Course Description

The event will start at the roadside park on FH-16, just north of M-28 on the east side of Kenton, MI.  We'll get everybody lined up, and do a controlled half mile rollout north on FH-16.  After a couple miles of pavement, you'll be turning onto the gravel and then onto the only true two-track section of the race- the Echo Lake segment. Watch those cues carefully, there are a couple of intersections here that are easy to mess up.  Also, if riding in a pack, communicate well- there's a couple of sticks poking out of the woods on the sides that could catch an inattentive rider. After this, you catch another gravel gravel road west across forest highway 16 to the Bob Lake segment.

The Bob Lake segment has lots of ruts and washouts. Be careful. Everything has a rideable line, but you may need to pick carefully.  Next, you'll take the Laird Road segment back east across FH-16 again. Rest up on it's flat nature, as the next segment- The Sturgeon River Gorge has it's challenges. 

You stop briefly at mile 33.8 for a checkpoint at Silver Mountain.  After that, enjoy the fun descents and grueling climbs in and out of the Sturgeon River gorge.  There's fresh gravel towards the last quarter of the metric course that make it feel much longer than it is. Then it's just a few more miles to the finish at the wayside for you metric folks.

Imperial riders will check in at the wayside and take the jog on M-28 to FH-16 south for a climb that will make them seriously question why they didn't just do the metric instead. The good news is, once you get up there- the Passmore and Mallard Lake sections will have you grinning with plenty of rollers to coast. Road surfaces on Mallard are rough and varying with a few soft spots. Not as bad as Bob Lake though.  You'll almost wish it wasn't over by the time you cross the finish line at the old chimney at the intersection of Golden Glow Rd and and M-28.  And your wish will be granted as while you are done racing, it's a mile and a half back to town. 

Cue Sheets

See the PDF file below! 

GPS Tracks

Click here for the GPS full GPS track. Also note that this track file contains 2200 points, you may need to break it into smaller tracks to fit it on your GPS.  Smaller track files of 500 points or less can be found here.

Google Map

I've projected the GPX file on a google map to give you an overview of the course. Click here. Please note, the GPX file represents the full 100 mile course. If you're only riding the metric, don't follow it south of M-28.

This was created with GPSVisualizer, a great tool for making your own maps. You can use it to project the GPX file onto different backgrounds and save it in a variety of different formats. 

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