Registration will start NOW.

Registration is easy and FREE. 

That's right, no entry fee. However, we ask you jump through this simple flaming hoop to make sure you're serious: You need to get us a postcard.

The postcard should contain your name, gender, 100 mile or 100 kilometer option, and email address. 

The most reliable method to get it to us is via US mail:
Sturgeon 100
c/o James Bialas
32461 Naasko Rd
Pelkie MI, 49958

However, we'll also accept postcards delivered in person or attached to a Two Hearted Ale at the DT. 

Attached to a brick thrown through my window is not acceptable. 

The first 70 postcards are guaranteed a position on the starting roster. 

We'll publish a roster of registered riders on this site as we receive entries!