Night Riding

As you may be aware, this year's start time is 8pm. This means you will likely be finishing in the dark. 

Riding the Sturgeon at night presents some unique challenges, most notably "bicyclist" ranks significantly below "Sasquatch" and "UFO" on the list of things other road users are expecting to see at night in the Ottawa.  

As such, make ZERO assumptions about driver's ability to see you or react to your presence in a rational manner.  

The good news is that your encounters are likely to be few and far between.  

Be sure to have lots of lights. Not just to see, but also to be seen. Consider multiple rear taillights a requirement.  I also strongly suggest the use of reflective vests or some such to make yourself more visible.  Be sure to consider that the forest offers zero USB charging ports. I prefer lights with replaceable batteries. The only moderately technical riding will be completed in the daylight still. As such, you don't need a ton of light to navigate the course.

LA's Midnight Ridazz have prepared this video with several tips that may help you better enjoy this nighttime running of the Sturgeon:
Be aware though that dumpster diving options may be limited and may involve fighting off a bear.