Due to the risk of severe weather, we might be cancelling the Sturgeon 100. We are monitoring the weather forecast and will make the call Saturday morning by 8AM.  Check our Facebook page and web page for updates:

In the event of a cancellation, you'll still find our smiling faces down in Kenton Saturday afternoon with a cooler full of beer if you want to say "Hi". You are still welcome to ride, but you are absolutely, positively 100% on your own.  There will be no start, timing, or anybody waiting for you at the checkpoints or finish.

If  this is too short of a notice or the weather seems too risky for you, no worries. We understand completely if you can't make it this weekend. Stay cool, and stay dry. 

If this notice didn't reach you in time and you find yourself in the Kenton area with no race to race? Worry not, there are many lower risk activities you can join:
-Consider volunteering for flood relief:
-Check out some of the hiking trails in the Ottawa. Silver Mountain and Sturgeon River Falls are my favorites
-Stay cool underground at the Adventure Copper Mine over in Greenland. They even have their own singletrack and will be hosting a race in a few weeks:
-Check out all the cool trails we have!

Thank you, we hope you understand, and we hope to see you all sometime soon!