We've had a couple of bandits here and there over the years. 

Don't worry, this isn't some holier-than-thou rant, we couldn't be more honored that you want to be part of our event. 

But there's one small deal with where we hold our event that you should be aware of. We are guests of the Ottawa National Forest. They've been great hosts and we want to remain in their good graces. They do however have this rule that any event with more than 75 participants acquire a permit.  Participants means racers, spectators, organizers, and anybody else who shows up in the forest that day because of that event.  

A permit requires insurance. Insurance introduces rules. And all of a sudden, a great get together of friends becomes more serious and less fun.

So, we aren't going to be jerks about people who show up to ride without registering, but consider the above information, and know that the forest service keeps count.  The Sturgeon is just a small sampling of the great roads in the Ottawa. If you don't make the registered riders list, or even if you do- consider coming down to ride and enjoy on a non race day or some non race roads!